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You have been plagued by indecipherable dreams lately. They leave you with an overwhelming urge. An urge to build a wonderful, monstrous towering structure...

I Have A Vision is a 2-5 player game about a singular person's drive to make something with an inexplicable purpose. It is based off of the song Man-Made Object by Lemon Demon from the album Spirit Phone.

Made for the Neilvember Jam.

Affection, Monuments, and Eternal Thanks to Alana, Alex, Ashe, Augustine, Brendan, Cypress, Jim, Lily, Melody, Rin, Rosie, Ryan, and Violet for proofreading, constructive criticism, and not getting mad when I kept sending them documents at bedtime.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorMars B.
Tagsarchitecture, Dreams, GM-Less, neilvemberjam, Tabletop, Tabletop role-playing game


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I got this game in a bundle a whole while ago and finally played it in a group. There's not a lot of content in it, but for people that are comfortable with GM-less games and making up stuff on the spot, the dreams and works of a mad architect are a nice sandbox (we definitely had our fun with it).


I Have A Vision is a 2 page storytelling trpg about an architect who has become fixated on a particular creation.

As a group, you play the architect and the people / visions surrounding them.

As a group, you also draw the creation piece by piece.

Vision is not explicitly a horror game, but I can definitely see it having that function. If you wanted a prelude to a Delta Green scenario, you could accomplish that with a round of this. Alternately, your architect's creation can be positive or tragic or merely strange, and the game's story can be confined to just a one-shot.

The rules and structure of Vision are a little loose, but that didn't feel like a bad thing. It simply gives the group a lot of leeway to decide what the tone of their story is going to be.

Overall, I would recommend this to any group that feels comfortable telling a story, and that is willing to take a broad pitch and run with it as far as they can in their own direction.