Mars B.

Make deeply cursed haunted houses, and then try to sell them!
Season's Beatings, One and All!
a collection of microgames for a lonesome journey
Destiny, whether you like it or not, has come for you.
Interactive Fiction
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'Tis the season for falling in love and getting into trouble!
Dueling to the death is way easier now!
A game about building, building, building...
Be the best at businessing!
Be bear, do crime! Now for Fiasco!
A GM-less game about emotions, isolation, and a big robot .
An exercise in blatant self-censorship and the manifestation thereof
An experiment in residing within foreign flesh.
An out of body experience for haunting the end of your own life.
Brushes! Free! For! You!
flash fiction - a typical night with your girlfriend (tw: trauma)
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"hey, is that a 1 minute long visual novel?"
Visual Novel
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rummage through some kid's desk
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